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#tbt – Meet Me at the Bat

This clip is from the 1996 World Series video. I was 8 years old when the Yankees won the World Series that year. I remember it, but I think most of my memories from that series come from the World Series video. I will always remember this clip of the tremendously stereotypical New Yorkers “meeting at the bat.” I made my parents take me to the bat before the first game we went to in 1997.

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The Bat fun facts:

  • It is 138 feet high
  • It is actually an exhaust pipe that is shaped to look like a Louisville Slugger model bat, the type that Babe Ruth used
  • Despite the old Yankee Stadium being torn down in 2009, the bat still stands today
  • It was the planned location of where George Costanza and Newman would make the exchange for Steinbrenner’s calzone, but they could not do so because it was raining that day
  • Cecil Fielder used to take batting practice with it*


*Not confirmed