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Yankees Best of 2016: Unleash El Kraken

2016 was a tale of two seasons for the Yankees: pre- and post-Gary Sanchez.

The before and after outlook on the Yankees organization as a result of #ElKraken is night and day. Even though the Yanks fell short of the postseason, fans were left with optimism and excitement for 2017. Sanchez’s 20 bombs, rocket launcher throwing arm, and leadership potential are the main reason for those feelings.

Peak #ElGary came during a 12 game stretch from August 14-27, directly following a weekend that spawned the youth movement. During that time Sanchez batted .500 and mashed 10 homers. His at-bats quickly rose to must-watch status, something very few players in my lifetime have achieved. Every time he stepped to the plate I thought He can’t possibly do it again, but then he did. For any player, never mind a rookie, it was unprecedented.

Here’s a Gary Sanchez home run montage we put together for The Bronx Pinstripes Show in late August.