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Yankees All-Star

Yankees All-Star trivia

The All-Star break is over after another win for the AL. The Yankees own Masahiro Tanaka picked up the victory while Aroldis Chapman nailed down the save. With the second half underway, test out your Yankees All-Star knowledge with the trivia quiz below. Try not to cheat!

Yankees All-Star Trivia

  1. Which future Yankees’ pitcher surrendered the 1967 game-winning home run to the Reds’ Tony Perez in the top of the 15th inning? ____________ (5 points)
  2. Who was the last Yankees’ pitcher to start the All-Star game for the American League? (3 points)
    a) Mike Mussina  b) Roger Clemens  c) Andy Pettitte  d) David Wells
  3. Who was the last Yankees’ pitcher to earn the win prior to the 2019 All-Star game? __________ (10 points)

    Middle Innings

  4. What opposing pitcher allowed Aaron Judge‘s 2018 All-Star game home run? _________(3 points)
  5. Which Yankees All-Star Hall of Fame pitcher holds the record for career All-Star victories? __________(10 points)
  6.  The very first All-Star game took place at Chicago’s Comiskey Park in 1933. Can you name the six Yankees on the AL team? (1 point for each right answer).

    The Homestretch

  7.  Which two-time Yankee is tied with Mike Trout for the highest career All-Star slugging pct. (1.000). (5 points)
  8. What Yankee has the second-highest All-Star career slugging pct.? (3 points)
  9. Three of the top six All-Star career base stealers played for the Yankees at one time. Name them. (2 points for each right answer).

    Extra Innings

  10.  Which Yankees pitcher has a 0.00 career All-Star ERA? (1 point)
  11. With Gary Sanchez‘ start in this year’s All-Star game, Yankees catchers have started 24 All-Star games. Name the other five Yankees catchers that have been the AL’s starting All-Star catcher. (2 points for each right answer)

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How did you do?

58 – 62 Hey now, you are an All-Star
53 – 57  You’re an All-Star reserve
49 – 52  Enjoy your time off
45 – 48  You’re going back to Triple-A
< 45  What are you, a Mets fan?