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Butler has a .348 average in the new Yankee Stadium.

Knowing the competition – Kansas City Royals

Butler has a .348 average in the new Yankee Stadium.


Threat Level: 7

Kansas City’s offseason made some headlines and turned some heads. They traded away top prospect Wil Meyers and three other prospects for James Shield and Wade Davis. These moves are clearly indicative of a “win now” philosophy, but make no mistake, this team does have young talent for years to come. Their offensive is loaded with young players, most notably Eric Hosmer and Salvador Perez, but it is their pitching staff that may draw thin soon, as Shields is a free agent after the 2014 season. They hope to shore up their pitching to match their offense and, if they do, they will be a formidable opponent for years to come. Looking towards 2013, they will need their young players to mature and Shields to pitch like the ace he is capable of being if they are going to find themselves in the playoff hunt.


Projected Lineup

1. Alex Gordon LF

2. Alcides Escobar

3. Billy Butler DH

4. Mike Moustakas

5. Salvador Perez C

6. Eric Hosmer

7. Jeff Francoeur RF

8. Lorenzo Cain CF

9. Chris Getz 2B


Projected Pitching Rotation

1. James Shields RHP

2. Jeremy Guthrie RHP

3. Ervin Santana RHP

4. Wade Davis RHP

5. Luis Mendoza RHP



Greg Holland RHP


Yankee Killer: Billy Butler

Just like Houston, KC sports a young team with minimal experience against the Yankees, but Butler is the longest tenured Royal and his numbers against the Yankees are good. He has a .299 career average against the Bombers and a .384 OBP in 40 career games. He thrives in the new Yankee Stadium, where he has a .348 average in 12 games.


Royal Killer: Andy Pettitte

Excluding the AL East teams, the most wins Pettitte has against an opponent is the Royals. He is 14-3 with 3.44 ERA in 22 career starts against the Royals. He is an impressive 8-2 in 11 career starts in Kansas City. Perhaps Andy has always had success against the Royals because they have always had a young team and, as an experienced pitcher, he has exploited them. If that’s the case, then he should be able to do the same in 2013, as the Royals have lots of young (granted, more talented) players.


When They Play The Yankees:

IN NY: 7/8-7/11.

 IN KC: 5/10-5/12.