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Aaron Judge officially launches the All Rise Foundation

Following in the footsteps of recent Yankee legends Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera, Aaron Judge has officially founded his own charity, the All Rise Foundation.

On Saturday night, Judge announced the beginning of the charity at a ceremony in Stockton, Calif. The purpose of the charity, according to Judge, is “to make the world a better place for children.”

The two key themes of the charity are honor and legacy. Judge said the goal is “to honor the ones who paved the way and create a legacy for those coming in the future.”

As the face of the Yankees (and maybe the face of baseball as a whole) it is nice to see Judge utilizing his platform for good. Judge has a stellar reputation as a person and a teammate, both inside and outside the Yankee organization. He has embraced the New York spotlight, a leadership role on the team and now he has embraced the opportunity to use his clout to make an impact on America’s youth.

I don’t know Judge personally, but by all accounts he seems like a well-rounded and wholesome individual. Judge was adopted, and has never met or spoken to his biological parents. Not all details regarding the charity are out yet, but I would venture to guess there will be some sort of big brother/big sister aspect involved.

As Judge continues to evolve as a player, it’s going to be exciting to see him evolve as a person as well.

The way his career is unfolding, it wouldn’t shock me if he were eventually named the next Yankee captain, as he seems to possess every attribute that a captain should have, both on and off the field.