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BP Crew Roundup: Tampa Invasion + London Series

It’s been a busy few weeks for the #BPCrew with the London series and the Tampa Invasion closing out the first half of the season! The UK chapter hosted pre-game meetups for both of the London games, and chapters across the U.S. gathered at local bars for watch parties.  The BP Crew invaded Tropicana Field the following weekend for our first away game outing, and even though the Yankees didn’t get the win on Saturday, everyone had a blast at the Rays’ arena in St. Petersburg.

Keep an eye on our social media for upcoming events! Here’s what we have planned so far during the next few weeks:

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BP Crew | Albany

BP Crew | Baltimore

BP Crew | London Series

BP Crew | Nashville

BP Crew | NYC

BP Crew | Philly

BP Crew | Salt Lake City


BP Crew | South Florida

BP Crew | Tampa Invasion