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London Series Events + BP Crew Roundup

The #BPCrew has a huge weekend planned for the London series!

There will be watch parties in 7 different cities on Saturday:

Additionally, the UK Chapter has planned pre-game meetups in London – they’ll be meeting at The Bat and Ball a few hours before game time on both Saturday and Sunday. Yankees fans in the UK, and anyone traveling for the games, make sure you stop by!

Looking for a chapter in your area? Head to our Facebook groupย to find a #BPCrew near you!ย 

BP Crew | Austin, TX


BP Crew | Baltimore


BP Crew | Burlington, VT


BP Crew | Central NJ


BP Crew | Denver


BP Crew | Hartford, CT


BP Crew | Philadelphia


BP Crew | Salt Lake City


BP Crew | South Florida


BP Crew | Tampa, FL


BP Crew | Washington, DC