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Bronx Tales: The Magic of a Foul Ball

Bronx Tales

We kick off the Bronx Tales weekly column with something we can all appreciate, a child having an unforgettable day at a ball game. Jordan Thomas tells us about his son’s day at the park:

We were just at the Yankees/Rays game at the end of May, and my 6 year old caught a ball from his favorite Yankee Brett Gardner. My little boy’s name is Brody and he loves the Yankees. He’s caught a ball every game we’ve been to, but this time was really special. Gardner is his favorite player! So getting a ball from him made his night, and seeing ARod hit a home run 🙂 Thanks and go Yankees!


I love the look on Brody’s face in the second picture. It perfectly encapsulates that magic feeling watching a game can give. We can all relate to that feeling. I know I remember that feeling of awe when I went to my first ball game. And Brody’s caught a ball at every game they’ve been too! That’s how you cultivate the love of the game, bring children to the ball park and share that magic. Good on you Jordan! It’s hard enough getting a foul ball, let alone getting one from your favorite player. What a perfect way to kick off the Bronx Tales. Thanks for the story Jordan, and good choice in jersey for Brody!

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