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BP Fantasy Top 10: first base

Playing fantasy baseball this season? Well you’re in luck because here are the Top Ten First Basemen that will be knocking in runs for your team all year.

  1. Paul Goldschmidt, Ari: The advantage Goldschmidt has over his positional peers is greater than any player at any position. The ability to hit 40 homers, have a .300 average and knock in 100-plus runs give him a solid floor to consider at the top of your drafts. He has another skill, that no other first basemen posses, the art of the stolen base. With 21 steals in 2015, Goldy had a leg up on other players making him one of, if not the most complete offensive player in fantasy.
  1. Miguel Cabrera, Det: I’m a bit higher on Miggy than most as I believe he is being overlooked by most in favor of the young, up-and-coming guys at the position. With his first ever trip to the disabled list last year- the masses are calling for the end of the road. I don’t believe that to be the case and if I can get a former MVP at the end of the second round, just three seasons removed from a Triple Crown campaign- I’m fist pumping all the way home.
  1. Anthony Rizzo, ChC: To say Rizzo is a poor-man’s Goldschmidt isn’t fair to either guy, but you can say he is Goldy 2.0. Rizzo’s numbers are very close to Goldy’s, even the in the stolen base category. If you aren’t sold on Goldschmidt at the top of the draft, then Rizzo is a perfect backup plan to grab at the end of the second or early third round. He had a great situation with the Cubs and the lineup is only getting more experienced- which should lead to more production.

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