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To the fan on Twitter who didn’t want Aaron Judge back.

On this week’s episode of The Real World: Twitter, I saw a Yankee “fan” proudly give their take on a little known player named Aaron Judge.

Leave the line up alone and don’t bring Judge back. He’ll just get hurt again.


I’ll say this. It was bold, brave, and ballsy to publicly share this opinion in a forum like Twitter, where you can be eviscerated in .2 seconds by all the experts living in their basements with Cheetos crumbs on their fingers. In this case, however, the evisceration would be warranted. Not only was it ballsy, but it was boneheaded. As Michael Kay would say to a boneheaded caller on his radio show, “You’re banned for a week!”

Forget a week, this person should have their fan card fully revoked with no take backs.

Because you’re reading this post, you are clearly a smart, sophisticated Yankee and Bronx Pinstripes fan. So you and I both know this take is not a smart one. The smart take here is a simple one: One of the best players in baseball is back today, and his name is Aaron Judge. Please, oh please, don’t leave the line up alone. Insert this man immediately.


  • The Yankees have homered in twenty-three straight games, and Judge hasn’t hit any of those. Think how many more could come.
  • With Judge back in the line up, the potential #9 hitter becomes Gleyber Torres, arguably one of the best second baseman in the American League, if not in all of baseball (who’s on pace for a mere 40 home runs, by the way, the #9 hitter.)
  • There will be ZERO holes 1-9.
  • The defense becomes infinitely better — this part of his game is so underrated.
  • Brett Gardner won’t be in the everyday line up anymore, which apparently people are happy about — he’s only given you every ounce of himself since 2009, but whatever.
  • He is a presence in that club house and the team just looks and seems more loose, focused, and confident when he’s around.
  • He’ll make everyone in that lineup better, specifically the batter before and after him, like a Giancarlo Stanton, who in his own right can obliterate some fast balls.
  • They are in first place and 4.5 games up in the division, and Aaron Judge has barely played. This is GOOD NEWS, you guys.
  • He’s Aaron freaking Judge! After Mike Trout, he’s (arguably) the best player in baseball. #changemymind

Yes, he was injured last year. Yes, he was injured this year. Does that mean you don’t play him when he’s healthy too? Is that how that works? Have you seen what he does on the field when he’s healthy? Shall we go back to 2017 when he had his first full season under his belt and could have easily won MVP but instead settled for Rookie of the Year honors? So we should sit him this year, for sure. We can’t let him disrupt the line up. Yes, this makes total sense, right?

All is right in the world when Aaron Judge is in a Yankee line up, and tonight, we get to see it for the first time in what has felt like 3,865,342 days. I am pumped. You are pumped. The Yankees are pumped. Boone is fist pumping right now as he writes that name in the line up card. The Yankees are in full force and are ready to dominate. May the rest of the league take notice.

And may that Twitter fan look back on this day with a lesson for the grand-kids when they ask, “Grandpa, what was Twitter?”

Well, kids, Twitter was a dark, dark world filled with people who wrote words they’d soon regret.

You know who won’t regret putting Aaron Judge in the line up? The Yankees.