Game 123: Hughes, Martin Stepping Up

With Freddy Garcia going on the disabled list, an impressive start by Phil Hughes would definitely be encouraging and a little more complicated for Joe Girardi, in a good way.

Phil Hughes did just that in an amazing way. Hughes went 7.2 innings and gave up just 2 hits, a solo home run in the 1st and a single in the 8th to end his night as his pitch count reached high numbers.

Russell Martin was swinging the big lumber in the 8-1 victory. The Yankees All-Star catcher hit 2 home runs, in the 3rd & 6th innings.

Ryan Nakada

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  • Andrew Rotondi

    That was the Hughes of 2010 first half. It was great to see him using his fastball to overpower hitters and get easy outs. If Hughes can step up to back up CC then the entire dynamic of this team has changed going into the playoffs.

  • Dr Balls

    What is the point of having a comment section when you simply delete any comments that are not to your liking?

    When you only post the obvious and continually fail to offer any insight into the game, expect some readers to have less than positive things to say about your attempt at baseball journalism.

    What a joke! this is just what the Yankees need, another site with NO credibility.

    • Scott Reinen

      trolling sites is no way to go through life.

  • Dr Balls

    By the way, what's so AMAZING about Phil Hughes pitching 7.2 innings of 2 hit ball? isn't that what he is supposed to do as a professional major league pitcher?

  • Del Pittman

    Extremely excited to see him pitch on such a stellar level despite not having picture perfect mechanics.<g> Here's to his having continued success and avoiding any physical breakdowns along the way. He is definitely a shot in the arm for the rotation as the Yankees gear up for the last stretch of the season and the playoffs.