Game 41: Marathon Game Goes Yankees Way

Early in a nearly 5-hour game, Bartolo Colon threw 8 shutout innings of 3-hit baseball with 87 pitches. However, he did not factor into the decision as Mariano Rivera gave up the 1-0 lead and the extra innings began.

Robinson Cano came through in the 15th inning off of the Orioles last relief pitcher, Mike Gonzalez. The following batter, Chris Dickerson, took a pitch off the helmet and appeared to have a bruise and was taken out of the game as well as Mike Gonzalez, who was ejected immediately.

Hector Noesi entered the game and pitched 4 scoreless innings for his debut and first major league win. Congratulations to the young right-hander.



Ryan Nakada

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  • Scott Reinen

    The Yankees had the leadoff guy on more times than I can count – they really need to improve on situational hitting, and taking advantage of opportunities when they present themselves. The homerun ball is great, but when you have your first extra base hit in the 15th inning, something has to give – cause right now, its feast or famine w the lineup.

  • Scott Reinen

    The Noesi sighting was a great thing – kid was touching 95 on the gun, and has a great change up. Real potential there. Colon was lights out again. Once these bats get going – the Yankees will be just fine!

  • Ryan Nakada

    Yup, amazing that the major concern is in the lineup, not the rotation. They start playing like a National League team too often. I get it, you want the lead runner in scoring position, but based on our track record this season with runners in scoring position; I would rather have the runner on 1st, odds feel like they are more in our favor there.

    I'm glad they finally gave Noesi a chance. Hopefully after sufficient rest, Noesi gets to see more opportunities. Watch the walk totals though, 4 in 4 innings is living dangerous, more so in extra innings.