Game Day

Instan Reaction: Infuriating. Can’t have games like that anymore

Gut Reaction

Infuriating game.

That Sucked

We started the game off hot. 4 runs in the second and a homer by Didi in the 3rd made it feel like we were on our way to a laugher. We were not.

Tanaka didn’t have it. He has been nails in his last 1o starts. Now this bad game opens the door up to his inconsistencies all season. Is bad Tanaka coming back? Is very inconsistent Tanaka back? I guess so.

Joe can’t bring in Caleb Smith and Ben Heller there. You can’t do that. It was only a 2 run game. Tell the lineup you’ve got faith in them and use your top guys to keep the game close. Brutal decision. Our back end of the bullpen can’t see games. They can’t.

This team is weird, man. For the most part, they have been great this year. We’ve held first place. We’ve had guys go on crazy home run tears. We’ve won big. We’ve come back late in games. It’s been a good season on the whole for sure. Much better than last year. We’ve had our fair share of heartbreak and miserable losses, but that’s the mark of a good team. Bad teams don’t give you heart breaking losses because they never let you love them to begin with.


Sometimes you can just see all the energy get zapped out these guys. Tanaka has the rough inning in the 5th. The Rangers take the lead, and just like that it was all gone. It was ALL GONE. Nothing. No fight. No hustle. No heart. Done. Zapped. Over.

That’s the infuriating part.

Judge has looked much better at the plate lately. His eye is there. He smashed a double and some foul balls, which are great signs. But his at-bat in the 7th when he struck out looking was GARBAGE. Every little coach in America would scold him after that. You can’t go down looking in that spot. Can’t. We know you have a good eye and you get a lot of walks, but you’re also Aaron Judge. You’re about to have a 40 home run season, SWING THE BAT.

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