Game Day

Instant Reaction: A good clean win? What?

Gut Reaction

That was a great win. Timely hitting. Great pitching.

CC Was Everything We Needed

When they made the move last night to switch Sabathia for Mitchell, it made sense. It wasn’t guaranteed CC would give you more length than Mitchell, but it was definitely more likely. CC came up in the league when wins were everything for a starter. He has talked about that in interviews, how his job is to win, put the team in a position to win games, whether he has it or not.

Young CC Sabathia never had to really grind out innings. Old CC does. But I have to tell you, watching CC pitch now is just as fun as before. He’s creative. He’s deliberate. He knows when he needs a double play ball and when he needs a strikeout and he goes and gets them.

He also made a great defensive play today, giving us a beautiful slow motion shot of his belly.

Timely Hitting

The Sox gave us a gift with a big error. Good teams capitalize on those. It feels like we haven’t done that in a while. Ji-Man comes through with the sac fly and then Torreyes with a single. It’s crazy to think, but that’s all we needed.


When’s the last time the bullpen got praised two days in a row? With the doubleheader and long game yesterday, Clippard got bumped to the 7th inning, exactly where he isn’t supposed to be. He came through though! Second time in a row he came into a game and didn’t break our hearts. Build on it Clip!

Green has been exceptional, even his fastball is fun to watch. His ability to pour it in on the lower half of the plate is wonderful. He walked two today, to give us a little scare, but he was unhittable when throwing strikes and quickly got out of it.

Chapman comes in on three days rest and locks it down. He let one guy on base, sure. Still a step in the right direction.

Let’s go get us a win tonight. CC and Tanaka pitching well on the same day has potential to make me very happy.


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