Game Day

Instant Reaction: You Have to Be Kidding Me

 Gut Reaction

Chapman and Torreyes refuse to let us enjoy ourselves.

Gumby Was in Slow Motion

I don’t think I’ve ever seen Gumby work that slowly. If Joe West was umping this game his strike zone would have been the size of his gullet just to speed everything up. He didn’t have his stuff. Was it the extra rest that made him rusty? Who knows. It wasn’t what we wanted but he also didn’t leave us in ruins. He slowed down, thought about every pitch like he was playing a chess championship and did his best to not let the Sox blow the game open. I appreciate that Gumby. Don’t do it again, I’d rather you go 7 innings but still, thanks for keeping us in it.


Fix yourself, man. Those errors were atrocious. Chris Carter-esque. Embarrassing errors for a professional to make. I don’t care if you look like a 7-year-old, don’t play like one as well.


Fix yourself as well. I’m over this.

—–now onto the positives because I wrote these before the game ended when I was happy and now I’m too angry to retype and think about this game anymore——

Chad Green

Green has found a home in the bullpen. I don’t see him unpacking and going back to a starting role anytime soon. He came in today and gave us two solid innings. 6 straight outs. 5 of them strikeouts. Yes please, I’ll take that early and often in games when our starter can’t go deep. Hell, I’ll take it in any game.

Having Holliday Back is So Nice

Having Holliday in the middle of the order gives it such a more powerful feel. He didn’t do much of anything today but his presence alone made me more confident. He saw 18 pitches in 4 at bats. Pitchers take their time and are careful with him. Last we had two batters that gave pitchers pause. Today we had three. Hopefully tomorrow or Sunday we get Castro back and our lineup will feel so much longer.

Betances Baby!

That was fun! Three strikeouts. Zero walks. Zero pouty faces. Zero hits. That’s the Dellin we like to see. Sure, he hit a guy but that’s what you’ve got to do. Otherwise, the Red Sox would have thought, oh okay, he’s got his control back and settled themselves in the box. No sirs! Dellin can’t have them feeling comfortable up there. Sometimes you have to hit the bull.


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