Game Day

Instant Reaction: Let’s keep winning and only win

Gut Reaction

That was a solid team win.


Goodbye July Chase

Today was the last day of July and it was pretty clear Chase Headley was going to milk it for all it was worth. Three hits. A big 2 run double. Good for Chase man. He’s been busting his ass ever since Gleyber got hurt and he felt a little more secure in his job. He’s transitioned to first base fairly flawlessly, as well. Let’s hope August Chase is everything that July and June Chase have been.


Bad Sevy is Good Sevy

Even when Luis doesn’t have his A+ stuff he can still give us good performances. This is his fourth start since the break and each one has led to us winning a game. He’s been fantastic.


Team Win with the Bats

Everyone helped out in that fourth inning, even the Tigers defense. Clint gets a RBI triple. Todd throws one over the fence, a would be home run if our fans had any situational awareness. Wade got a hit! Ellsbury took the hit by pitch like the emotionless man he is and then grabbed himself second base. It was a solid team win. Let’s do more.


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