Game Day

Instant Reaction: the Yankees broke my heart tonight

Gut Reaction

This game hurt my heart. I need to erase it from my memory Men in Black style.

It Was Going So Well

Sure, the very beginning wasn’t what we wanted with Sevy giving up a leadoff homerun but by the end of the second inning, we were right where we wanted to be. Chris Carter, fresh out of his day in time-out, got himself a leadoff double. Lil Baby Toe roped a ball right back at the pitcher. Gardy scored Carter. Hicks got a hit. Aaron Judge made a little kid’s day and blasted a three-run homer into Monument Park. We added Chavez to the ever-growing list of pitchers who don’t make it out of the 5th inning. It was SO GOOD. I was elated. We were back to our winning ways. It didn’t last.

It didn’t last.

Sevy Struggled

Severino didn’t have his A+ stuff tonight. After he allowed a couple runs you could tell he was solely relying on heat to put batters away. We are lucky (as is he) that he is young and has a rocket arm to turn to when nothing else is there. I wonder if CC Sabathia gave him a knowing smile in the dugout and said “enjoy it while you can young buck.”

Error Ball

Yesterday I pointed out that Didi let a ball go right under his glove in the 7th inning. Today we got more of that from our middle infield. Maybe Didi was too hyped up for #TweetLikeDidi day on Twitter. Or maybe he and Starlin went out on the town last night to celebrate the end of the losing streak. Whatever it was that caused them to play bad defense, I would like it to never happen again.

Dellin Lester

Last year, Dellin Betances couldn’t throw to first base for the life of him. He worked on it in spring training and so far hasn’t had that problem this year.

Enter new problem: he can’t hold runners on AT ALL. Pujols plays with an ‘I’ve fallen and I can’t get up’ Life Alert necklace on and he was getting monstrous leads at first base. When you’ve got a near gimp confidently stealing bases off you over and over again I think it’s time to make a correction.

Positive Vibes for Tomorrow

Here’s what I got for us to get excited for tomorrow. It’s good stuff…

Our next two starting pitchers are Masahiro Tanaka and Luis Cessa, can you say CONFIDENCE!

Carter got two base hits today, which means he’ll be in the lineup for at least a week straight because he’s on a hot streak!

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(I hate being pessimistic and I hate being sad. This was a tough series to begin my game recaps on.)

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