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MLB hot stove: Yankees not selling low on Brett Gardner, Chase Headley back to National League?

Major League Baseball’s hot stove will continue to burn all throughout this winter’s holiday season, but it appears the Yankees are making little progress on moving two potential trade pieces before the calendar year turns.

According to Nick Cafardo of the The Boston Globe, the Yankees have been hesitant to trade outfielder Brett Gardner for anything lower than their asking price, which is reportedly stiff.

Whatโ€™s with the outfield market? The Nationals gave up a ton for Adam Eaton. It will take even more to get Andrew McCutchen from the Pirates. The Rockies want a mother lode for Charlie Blackmon. And the Yankees arenโ€™t budging on their asking price for Brett Gardner (a left fielder in New York but a center fielder anywhere else).

Gardner, who is owed $24 million over the next two seasons, is eligible for free agency as early as the winter of 2018, but New York has a $12.5 million club option or $2 million buyout at its disposal in 2019. The 33-year-old lefty hit .261 with an on-base percentage of .351 in 2016, and also earned his first Gold Glove award.

Another contract the Yankees may look to part ways with is third baseman Chase Headley’s, who is also under contract for two more years at a total of $26 million with no player or club option for 2019. According to Cafardo, there are three potential landing spots for the 32-year-old, all of which come from the National League.

The Yankees would love to move Headley but the market seems to be shrinking. The Braves may be the best bet as they attempt to build a serviceable team with which to open their new ball park. Others who could have interest include the Giants and Cardinals.

In two and a half seasons with New York, Headley has combined for 31 home runs and 130 runs batted in, with a batting average of .257 in 354 games. Among all the league’s third baseman, Headley earned a WAR of 2.6, tied for 13th-best in 2016.

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