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Andrew Miller given clearance to pitch

Yankees reliever, and projected Opening Day closer, Andrew Miller has been given permission to play through the pain of his fractured non-throwing wrist.  Clearance was granted by Dr. Patrick Owens, the same doctor that examined New York Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul’s hand after the infamous fireworks incident.

Yesterday, Miller told ESPN: “It’s my right hand; I don’t really need it. I don’t see any reason I can’t work …. I plan to be able to manipulate my glove around it and not really worry about it”.  He said: ‘‘I have some swelling, some soreness…All things considered, better than I expected” (Yahoo Sports).  

Miller, whose wrist, according to doctors, will heal on its own, will play as long as the pain is tolerable. As long as all things go according to plan, it seems the Yankees have dodged a bullet and Miller he will be slotted in as the Yankees closer until Aroldis Chapman is eligible to return from suspension on May 9.