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MLB players told to go home; Second spring training likely

When MLB suspended spring training on Thursday, it seemed like players would remain in camp to continue workouts over the next month in hopes of starting the season on April 9. Everything would be the same except no games against other opponents would be played. That changed on Friday.

Later reports, including this one byย Jesse Dougherty, outlined three options for the players:

  1. Stay in spring training city and receive the normal living allowances, even if you don’t go to the field.
  2. Go to club’s home city.
  3. Go home. But players’ whose homes are out of the country are being encouraged to stay in the U.S., since they could have trouble returning.

Players that stay will have use of workout facilities such as weight rooms, mounds and indoor cages, but no on-field activities will take place.

There is another part of this which definitely suggests that the season will start later than April 9.

A second spring training does not sound fun. That means whenever it is safe for players to return, they will have to do a condescended version of spring training, including on-field activities and games (I’m assuming). A lot would have to change very quickly for all that to occur prior to April 9.

Update – 4:55PM

MLB said their plan is to still play all 162 games, making up games missed at the back-end of the schedule. That seems doable if only a handful are missed, but considering the updates above and uncertainty with Coronavirus, it seems highly unlikely they’ll be able to fit in all 162.