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Aaron Boone has no plans to play Aaron Judge in CF

It’s no secret Aaron Judge is an important asset to the Yankees outfield; not only can Judge play right field, but he’s versatile enough to play left and center field.

Even though Judge has the versatility to play center, don’t expect manager Aaron Boone to give him a start there this season.

Judge previously mentioned he played center field before professionally playing baseball, which fueled the speculation. However, Judge said since playing professional baseball he’s predominantly been a right fielder.

Going into the season the Yankees plan on rotating Giancarlo Stanton, Judge, Brett Gardner, and Aaron Hicks in the three outfield spots, with the odd man being the designated hitter. The Yankees also have Jacoby Ellsbury and Clint Frazier as options, but it’s more likely Ellsbury will see most of his time on the bench, and Frazier will start the season in Triple-A barring an injury.

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