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Brett Gardner wins MLB Heart & Hustle Award

While Brett Gardner won’t add a Gold Glove to his trophy case this offseason, it doesn’t mean the Yankees veteran is walking away empty handed.

Earlier this season, Gardner was the Yankees recipient of the Heart & Hustle Award, which embodies the values, spirit, and traditions of the game. As a result, Gardner was one of 30 nominees to receive the overall Heart & Hustle Award.

On Tuesday night, Gardner bested 29 other players for the MLB Heart & Hustle Award, making it his first overall win.

Gardner was on hand at the Major League Baseball Players Alumni Association ‘Legends for Youth’ dinner in Manhattan on Tuesday night, where he thanked his father and wife for pushing him to be better on and off the field.

“I’m going to continue to work hard and play hard and play the game as long as I’m able to,” Gardner said. “Whether it’s one more year, two more years or four or five more years, I’ve been blessed with being in New York the last 10 years. I think everybody who knows me knows I will keep working hard to get the most out of it that I can.

“Right now I am trying to focus on the present.”

Gardner hit .263 with 21 home runs and 63 RBI in 2017, reaching career highs in homers and runs batted in. He’s under contract until the 2018 season, with a club option for 2019.

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