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Brian Cashman: “We’re open for business”

Prior to his annual repel down the side of a building, Brian Cashman gave an update (if that’s what you want to call it) on the Yankees and the free agent market.

As usual, Cashman said something without saying anything. A lot of talk about market inefficiencies, finding common ground, and blah blah blah… Other than building a bullpen and finding undervalued depth pieces, that’s what he’s best at. And the “we’re open for business quote” is something he has to say. Remember last year when they were a “fully operational Death Star?”

Word on the internet streets is that the Yankees have made signing Gerrit Cole a “top priority.” Assuming these reports are true and ownership has given Cashman the OK to sign Cole to a record-setting contract, then there is no excuse for Cole not pitching in pinstripes next season. Reports have also surfaced that Cole prefers to play in Los Angeles, and to that I say: Make him an offer he can’t refuse.

Now, on to the important part of the blog. Ranking the best “Cashman repels down the side of a building” outfits.

#5 – All Business Cashman

This picture is from this year, and Cashman isn’t messing around.

#4 – David Puddy Cashman

Is Cashman a chest painter?

#3 – Dumb & Dumber Cashman

Looks like something Harry and Lloyd would wear skiing.

#2 – Santa Cashman

We all want Cole in our Christmas stockings.

#1 – Prison Mike Cashman

Looks like he was inspired by Prison Mike.