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Cano asks for big bucks

It may be September 26, but the stove is starting to warm up for the Yankees.

CBS Sports’ Jon Heyman confirmed an ESPN report that Robinson Cano recently asked the Yankees for $300 million in a negotiations meeting within the past few weeks. The request was believed to have been for 10 years, which means Cano is trying to become the first $30 mil/yr player in baseball history.

The Yankees offered Cano a deal in spring training which many think was in the ballpark of $140 million over seven years, which he of course rejected and then cut off negotiations. It’s no secret that Cano will test the open market and seek the best deal possible.

Cano, who will be 31 on October 22, is primed to be the biggest name on the free agent market in the offseason. After severing ties with agent Scott Boras, Cano signed with Jay Z’s Roc Nation Sports agency. The move was looked at as a good sign for New York, as Jay Z is a Yankee fan and Scott Boras is notorious for driving up the prices for his clients. It’s now obvious that Cano will not take a hometown discount, and the threat of him leaving is becoming a real possibility, especially with the Dodgers willing to take on massive contracts.

However, no other team is likely to come anywhere close to offering a $300 million contract. Cano will probably take his time, ask for the highest amount and then negotiate and land on what he really wants. The Yankees however, have been very vocal on how no player is worth signing at all cost. The last thing the organization needs is another huge contract that handcuffs the team in the future. See A-Rod, and now the beginning of CC Sabathia and Mark Teixeira‘s deal.

As the offseason approaches, we’ll be hearing more rumors about Cano and his intentions. The Yankees and their fans hope it all ends with Cano donning the pinstripes for years to come.

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