Carlos Beltran reportedly turned down role with Yankees

Despite Aaron Boone becoming the new manager of the Yankees, Carlos Beltran’s interview for the position was not a total waste. According to the 40-year-old World Series champ, Brian Cashman offered him a role in the team’s front office.

At the 38th annual Thurman Munson Awards Dinner on Tuesday night in Manhattan, Beltran told reporters it sounded like an assistant’s role to Cashman. While he was tempted to take the offer, he ultimately decided to step away “to give myself the opportunity to miss the game . . . and maybe see next year what I want to do.” The manager’s position was the only thing that would have changed his mind.

“I had a few communications with [Cashman],” Beltran said. “They offered me a job to be with them and actually offered me a job to be next to him. I do appreciate the consideration and how flexible they were to work with me.

“But at the end of the day, after I retired and I got the interview, and I didn’t get the job, I decided to go back to my initial plans of being retired for a year. I wasn’t really planning on being retired and jumping right back in the game right away. Being a coach or being a guy who worked in the front office, there’s a lot of time and hours you have to spend at the ballpark.”

The future Hall of Famer said he does want to return to the game and there is a chance he will talk with the Yankees again next offseason.


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