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CC Sabathia suggests Alex Rodriguez could be a manager

There’s no denying former New York Yankees third baseman and current FOX analyst Alex Rodriguez knows baseball. During every pregame show on FOX, Rodriguez is shown with an abundance of baseball notes, all while never shying from voicing his opinion.

But would Rodriguez be willing to move from the analyst desk to the Yankees dugout as their manager?

“I’ve never thought about that,” Rodriguez said on CC Sabathia‘s and Ryan Ruocco’s podcast R2C2.  “I’ve always thought that one day ownership could be interesting.”

While fans want Rodriguez to be the next manager of the Yankees, Brian Cashman isn’t completely onboard with the hiring. Cashman said he wouldn’t rule out anyone for the position. But Rodriguez joining the Yankees in a managerial role seems unlikely.

However, if Rodriguez does want to pursue managing, he had a ringing endorsement from Sabathia.

“I’ll tell you this: He would be a great [manager],” Sabathia said. “His baseball IQ is off the charts. I’ve never seen or played or talked with a player who’s as smart as he is. From every aspect of the game, he’d be able to manage I think.”

Rodriguez admitted being the manager of the Yankees would involve all eyes on him, which is something he is all too familiar with.

“I will say that being a manager for the New York Yankees is almost like POTUS, like one of those jobs that anybody and everybody should and would pay attention to,” he said. “Because the New York Yankees are the greatest franchise in sports, not only in America but in the entire globe.”

If you think about it, Rodriguez could be a successful Major League manager. He connected well with the rookies, notably turning Gary Sanchez‘s season around after inviting him to lunch. He can successfully handle the New York media, which he did since his playing days, and he’s extremely studious.

Hmm, maybe Sabathia is onto something.

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