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Clint Frazier’s silence following defensive woes speaks volumes

Clint Frazier has always had something to say, whether it was showing confidence he would win an outfield job or showing off his custom design cleats. But last night, Frazier was absolutely speechless following a dreadful showing in the outfield.

Frazier misplayed three balls; one was a run-scoring single, one was a run-scoring triple, and one nicked off his glove after he attempted to dive.

However, it wasn’t Frazier’s misplays that had fans fuming by the end of the night. Following the Yankees 8-5 loss to the Boston Red Sox, the Yankees PR Department announced Frazier declined to speak to the media, leaving Luke Voit, Aaron Hicks, and Aaron Boone to answer for him.

During Spring Training, the front office will coach the players on how to address the media on both good and bad days. But the bottom line is, it’s their responsibility to answer for their mistakes. Frazier eventually did address his situation with ESPN writer Cole Harvey–but he addressed them at 2 in the morning, four hours after the game concluded.

The Yankees now have a situation on their hands. Should they remove Frazier from the field and have him DH for the time being? How long will it take for them to give him another chance in the outfield should they go the DH route? And how will they handle Frazier irresponsibly leaving his teammates out to dry after his three blunders cost them the game?

One thing is certain, the team will not let this slide; in 2011 Rafael Soriano blew a save and promptly avoided the media, leaving then-manager Joe Girardi and Derek Jeter to answer for him. Soriano eventually apologized for his unprofessional behavior, but not after the front office discussed the importance of handling the media.

If Mariano Rivera can address the media after losing the 2001 World Series, and if Gary Sanchez can address the media after he was benched in 2017, then Frazier can address the media after a bad day defensively. It’s understandable to be upset, but the cardinal rule for playing on a big market team is if you mess up, own to it.

Do not make your teammates clean up your mess.