Derek Jeter won’t travel to Yankee Stadium with Marlins next week

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It doesn’t look like Derek Jeter wants to be a part of New York, New York this season. 

The Miami Marlins owner told’s Joe Frisaro on Friday that he will not be making the trip to the Bronx when his club plays the Yankees this upcoming Monday and Tuesday for a short two-game series. 

“I’m not going. I just want to let everybody know, I’m not going to New York,” Jeter said. “I went to the Spring Training game when we played New York. But it would be an awkward situation for me to actually go to Yankee Stadium. I’m just being honest with you guys. That’s why I’m not going. I knew it was going to be a story, one way or the other. So, I might as well get out in front of it and say, I’m not going. So, I will not be there.”

Jeter’s time in Miami hasn’t been too sweet since taking control of the Marlins during the offseason. Although he intends to rebuild the franchise, his early front office decisions came with widespread criticism, as he traded All-Star caliber players like Giancarlo Stanton, Marcell Ozuna, and Christian Yelich.

Jeter’s handling of the Stanton trade to New York was also awkward, to say the least, and Stanton left Miami — where he played for eight seasons — on relatively bad terms. 

Nevertheless, Jeter remains concentrated on fixing a broken franchise, which has opened the season with a fifth place record of 3-9 in the National League East.

“I like the grit, the fight the team has shown,” Jeter told “We’ve tied or had the lead in 10 of the 12 games. We’re developing a winning culture. Sometimes it takes a little time.”

Jeter hasn’t stepped foot in Yankee Stadium since his No. 2 jersey was retired in Monument Park last May.

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