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Everyone be cool: Aaron Hicks is taking batting practice in the Bronx

Aaron Hicks has been playing in extended Spring Training and Single A games down in Tampa for the last week or so. It is a little weird to me that he flew to New York after playing in Tampa last night, with the team flying down to Tampa tonight, but maybe it’s a positive.

We’ve been winning with replacement players all season and those guys are getting worn down, or are Mike Tauchman or Tyler Wade (bad at Major League Baseball), so maybe the coaching staff wanted to get an in-person look at Hicks without waiting until tomorrow so he can be activated for the Tampa series where we take first place back.

Update: Turns out he is up to play 3 games in Scranton before being activated, but we’re close.

The reinforcements are coming, and I’ll see them and all of you at the parade.


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