Goose Gossage, with no spring invite, calls out Yankees’ Brian Cashman

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Goose Gossage has been left off the Yankees’ list of spring training guest instructors for this season, and it appears the 66-year-old Hall-of-Fame reliever isn’t too fond of the man calling the shots in New York’s front office. 

“I don’t like [general manager Brian] Cashman,” Gossage told’s Brendan Kuty in a phone interview on Monday. “That’s all. It’s not a secret.”

Over the past few years, Gossage has been in the news for a slew of controversial comments toward the Yankees and the game. In 2016, he called out veteran slugger Jose Bautista for his on-field celebrations, claiming that his bat flips and flaunting were “a disgrace” and embarrassing to all Latin American players. In 2017, Gossage was critical of baseball’s all-time saves leader Mariano Rivera and Yankees’ closer Aroldis Chapman, telling that his career accomplishments couldn’t compare to “great” relievers like Rivera who were only used in one-inning roles.

According to Kuty, Gossage said that Cashman, who was named Baseball America’s 2017 Executive of the Year, would prefer “to have a nerd in uniform.”

“If he had any balls, he’d do what he wants to do,” Gossage continued. “He doesn’t think he needs any baseball people around. Maybe he’s right. The way the game is being run today, maybe you don’t.

“The game is so different today. Like I said, real baseball guys for years made a career out of baseball. You’re not a coach anymore. You have to be their best friend.”

Gossage also believes that his past comments influenced the Yankees’ decision to keep him off the list, admitting to Kuty that his remarks turned him into a “disruption.” Nevertheless, Gossage had more words for Cashman.

“I didn’t get a call either way. There is no respect for older players,” Gossage said. “There’s no respect for anybody who has any real baseball knowledge. That’s the way it is. That’s what I don’t agree with.”

The Yankees’ first official workout for pitchers and catchers will take place on Wednesday, Feb. 14, in Tampa, Fla.

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