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Hal Steinbrenner: A-Rod’s role could expand

Speaking to the media in Tampa on Wednesday, Hal Steinbrenner said Alex Rodriguez‘s role with the organization has the potential to expand.

“We haven’t talked about that, obviously he’s been doing some broadcasting as well and he’s got other things going on in his life, but look the more he’s involved he’s absolutely tremendous with the young players and always has been and we’re going to continue to talk about different ways that he can be involved,” Steinbrenner told the Daily News. “He was down for instructional league after the season and was working with those guys — the shortstops — and he was great and right now that’s what he’s going to be focused on.”

Hal also clarified what A-Rod will be doing in spring training as a special instructor:

“He’s going to be here at least once, I think twice, and whether he wants to spend time at (the minor-league complex) with a lot of the younger players or whether he wants to spend time here we’d love to have him at either place. But he’s going to work that out with Brian [Cashman].”

A-Rod played his final game with the Yankees last August, and while he hasn’t officially retired, he’s not planning on making a comeback. The 41-year-old hit an even .200 with nine home runs in 65 games in 2016, and once the Yankees released him they hired him as a special advisor.

He’s also worked each of the last two postseasons with FOX Sports as an analyst, and he’ll soon be hosting his own reality show, “Back in the Game”, on CNBC. The show will be focused on helping former pro athletes in financial distress.

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