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Mets owner Fred Wilpon ‘irate’ Yankees acquired Stanton

It wasn’t long ago that supposed dominant “Ace” superstar Noah Syndergaard declared once and for all that New York was, in fact, a Mets city. All it took apparently to erase 27 World Championships and supplant the Yankees as New York’s team, in his opinion, was getting embarrassed in 5 games by a vastly superior Kansas City Royals team in 2015. That’s so Mets.

But why is it that the Mets, oh the Mets, always seem to end up making headlines for such silly reasons? We see it among their fan base sure, but for players to be so desperate also, that with even the slightest sign of life from an average-at-best franchise, they too speak out in an attempt to separate themselves from the Yankees?

Well, the answer seems to be a bit clearer now. You know the old adage that a team can take on the personality of their coach? Well the Mets, and most certainly their fans, share that same personality of their owner, Fred Wilpon.

According to a source via the New York Post, Wilpon was ‘irate’ when he learned of the Yankees deal to acquire NL MVP Giancarlo Stanton. “Fred is pissed every time the Yankees make a move,” said a person who speaks to Wilpon regarding baseball matters. “And he always seems surprised.”


Wilpon’s apparent issue with the Yankees is their willingness to take on large contracts, which in turn embarrasses his Mets for existing in the same burgeoning market, but routinely choosing to spend such less on players.

The Yankees were able to acquire Stanton for basically agreeing to take on $265 million of his remaining contract if he doesn’t decide to opt out. Although the Yankees are currently under the $197 million luxury tax threshold, they are still in the midst of Masahiro Tanaka and Jacoby Ellsbury’s contracts that are worth over $100 million.

Wilpon believes this model is “unsustainable” for the Yankees, even though they continue to prove him wrong on a consistent basis. His reaction came to the surprise of no one that is close to him, as he had a similar reaction when the Yankees traded for Alex Rodriguez in 2004.

Despite stating otherwise a few years ago when he still spoke to the media, another source added that Wilpon is extremely sensitive to how the Yankees conduct business.

“He cares a lot about the Yankees,” the source said.

It’s just so interesting that rather than be happy that a 59 home run hitting machine is out of your division, and the team that you own no longer has to routinely face him, Wilpon is more distraught that the Yankees improved. Well, show me one Mets fan that doesn’t care more about what the Yankees do, than that of their own team as well, and that will be the first one I’ve ever met.

With the Yankees still deeply entrenched this offseason in acquiring another strong starter or possibly even infield depth, we decided to take this quick break to entertain our fellow Yankees fans at just another incident in a long list of little brother gripes.


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