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MLB announces Manager of the Year Award winners

Aaron Boone won 103 games despite a record number of IL stints (39) across a record number of players (30).

It was not enough to capture Manager of the Year honors.

That honor went to Rocco Baldelli, whose team was easily swept by Boone’s in the American League Division Series. Baldelli won by a sliver, capturing 106 points to Boone’s 96 points. They actually received the same number of first place votes, but Baldelli edged Boone in second place votes.

This was a tough blow to Yankee fans who already had some built up anger over awards. Many fans feel that Aaron Judge was robbed of the MVP in 2017, while Miguel Andujar was snubbed in the 2018 Rookie of the Year contest.

Despite not winning the award, Boone had a phenomenal year and should be in the chair for the better part of the next decade.

Kevin Cash of the Rays finished in third place.