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Noah Syndergaard: New York is a Mets city now

Unfortunately this is not an April Fool’s joke.

Mets starting pitcher Noah Syndergaard dropped this quote on the Dan Patrick show, just days after recent surveys have been floating around the Twittersphere. According to Syndergaard, and people who actually participate in surveys, New York City is now a Mets town.

Now, there is certainly no doubt that both franchises have strong loyal contingents and it is possible that the proverbial bandwagon may have tipped toward Queens over the last couple seasons, but as the old adage goes: If you have to constantly lobby for it, its probably false.

That is by absolutely no means an old adage, because I just made it up, but it fits. If you have to make up polls and surveys to find out which team has more fans you’re severely grasping at straws. Now, this could certainly spark debates between the two New York fan-bases and that is one of the great aspects of sports in general. My door is certainly always open to any fan interested in a riveting debate as to who really runs New York.

Granted, I will concede that the Mets have experienced more “success” over the last couple seasons than their Big Brothers from the Bronx, but with the best farm system in baseball and the most money in baseball, it’s clear that this “success” will be short lived. For those scoring at home, success is in quotations because Yankee fans do not consider losing a World Series in five games to be successful.

However, you have to somewhat admire the ambition of the Mets. Very similarly to how Alabama fans have to deal with Auburn fans, when little brother has any little bit of success they will let you know about it.

The Yankees are the standard of excellence for any professional sport franchise, but they are without question in a rebuilding period — a rebuilding period that is already ahead of schedule and will be complete next year when the Bombers once again flex their financial muscle by acquiring a few of the league’s best talents.

In the grand scheme of things, the whole thing is pretty irrelevant. Casual fans will always flock to winning teams, and maybe for the 2017 season, the Mets have a better shot at contending than the Yankees.

So, to Mr. Syndergaard and all the Mets fans, you may have gained some ground in New York for now, but you have about as good a chance of holding on to it as Tim Tebow does of making the major leagues.


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