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Orioles willing to trade Manny Machado to Yankees for Justus Sheffield

If the New York Yankees are in the hunt for infielder Manny Machado, it could come at the price of one of their young prospects.

According to Jon Morosi of FOX Sports, the Baltimore Orioles are willing to part with Machado if the Yankees include LHP Justus Sheffield in the deal. However, the Yankees aren’t willing to part with Sheffield for merely a rental.

As Morosi also points out, the Yankees could use Machado’s services if the team trades third baseman Miguel Andujar for a controllable starting pitcher. But at the moment, the Yankees needs should be focused elsewhere.

While Machado’s bat alone is a tempting reason to pull off a trade, it wouldn’t be wise for the Yankees to part with their minor leaguers for Machado before the July 31st trade deadline. Machado is slated to be a free agent at the end of the regular season, which means the Yankees would merely deal with an accompanying qualifying offer attached to him. But even with Machado on the free agent market this offseason, I don’t see the need for Machado for one reason; he’s only willing to play shortstop.

The Yankees already have Didi Gregorius playing shortstop, and with Machado’s unwillingness to move around the diamond, the Yankees will end up having a gaping hole at third base if the Yankees do trade Andujar–which isn’t advised.

I don’t believe Sheffield is an untouchable player and there is a possibility he could get traded to fill the Yankees needs in the future. However, it wouldn’t be a smart move for the Yankees to trade Sheffield for a rental player, especially since there’s no guarantee Machado would re-sign with the Yankees during the offseason.

Right now, the Yankees should focus on adding a starting pitcher. And while having Machado on the team would be a luxury, it isn’t a necessity.

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