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Potential TV blackout could prevent fans from watching Wild Card game

If you plan on watching the New York Yankees and the Minnesota Twins in Tuesday night’s Wild Card game, you might want to change your plans.

Optimum, the cable provider for approximately 3.1 Million metro area customers, is currently negotiating a new deal with Disney. Disney granted Optimum until 5:00 p.m. today, however, both sides disagree on how much Altice should pay to carry ESPN, Disney Channel, and ABC. If neither side is able to come up with a solution, Disney will pull ESPN, Disney Channel, and ABC from Optimum’s lineup.

Optimum argued ESPN’s viewership has fallen 30% over the last three years while Disney countered Optimum charges customers approximately $160 a month, and puts the majority of that money in their pockets.

The Yankees do-or-die game from Yankee Stadium will air on ESPN.

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