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Report: Aroldis Chapman wants a six-year contract

According to Marly Rivera of ESPN Deportes, free agent closer Aroldis Chapman wants a six-year contract. Rivera said that Chapman has not evaluated any offers yet, but will do so this week during the Winter Meetings.

Chapman also added that the Chicago Cubs “have never expressed any interest in resigning me, as far as I know.”

The Marlins could have a major say in what the Yankees do on the closer-market. According to Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports, a rival club believes the Marlins would be willing to give Kenley Jansen upwards of $80M.

That would significantly break the record for a closer, which was set on Monday afternoon when Mark Melancon inked a four year, $62M deal with the San Francisco Giants. Chapman would benefit greatly by waiting for Jansen to establish a new, record setting negotiating starting-point.

Last month, it was reported that Chapman wanted a $100M contract. According to Rivera, Chapman said that’s not true:

The only thing I have expressed is that I would like a six-year contract. I know that doesn’t mean that I will get it, but that’s what I would like to sign. There are rumors out there that I requested $100 million and that’s not true at all. I believe he who deserves something, does not need to demand it.

With Dellin Betances‘ tremendous success in the eighth inning, the Yankees would love to re-unite with a guy they’re already familiar with to handle the ninth. However, Brian Cashman said that the organization will have a limit on negotiations, and that Chapman will determine that limit. There has been no word on whether or not the Yankees have even made an offer to Chapman yet.

Aside from Jansen and Chapman, the Yankees could go with a cheaper option from a group that includes Greg Holland, Koji Uehara and Brad Ziegler.