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Report: Dellin Betances open to 1-year deal

No, the Yankees didn’t sign Gerrit Cole, but this news has to be seen as a positive for anyone holding out hope that Dellin is coming back to the Bronx

After missing most of the year with shoulder issues and lat issues, we saw Dellin’s triumphant return in September, only to see him tear his achilles after just eight pitches. Those eight pitches reminded us what we should already know: when Dellin is healthy, he’s one of the best relievers in baseball. Here’s the pitch that led to the injury:

If he is willing to accept a one-year deal, the Yankees should be all over that. He probably would’ve been looking at a three-year deal in the $45 million range,ย had he had a typical Dellin season. If the Yankees can bolster their already solid bullpen by getting him for only one year, pull the trigger and worry about the payroll later.