Report: Derek Jeter-led group wins Marlins bid


Reports have surfaced that the group led by Derek Jeter and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush have placed the winning bid for the right to purchase the Miami Marlins. The purchase price is not yet known.

The group still needs at least 75% approval from MLB owners in order for the deal to become official. Current Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria has owned the team since 2013 but has been fielding offers for some time now. It’s unknown who else is included with Jeter and Bush but it’s assumed there are more parties involved.

Jeter, longtime Yankees shortstop, has expressed his desires to own a Major League franchise since 2014. Being that he lives in Tampa, purchasing a team in-state seemed like a no-brainer for the former Yankees captain.

“I’ve made it very clear of ownership aspirations at some point,” Jeter said in December. “Who knows when that is, who knows if you get the opportunity. I hope I do.”

Well, it seems like Jeter’s aspirations are coming to fruition with the latest news of his group landing the winning bid for the Marlins.

Jeter is set to return to Yankee Stadium on May 14 to have his jersey number retired.

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