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Report: Ex-Yankee pitcher Kevin Brown held alleged mailbox thieves at gunpoint


Kevin Brown won’t be attending Old Timers’ Day in the Bronx this weekend, but the former Yankee pitcher managed to grab baseball fans’ attention on Wednesday.

Brown, who played 19 seasons in the majors and retired from the game in 2005, helped police arrest two alleged mailbox thieves in his home neighborhood of Macon, Ga. on Wednesday, according to the Miami Herald

After reports of stolen mail in the area, Brown reportedly hid in a nearby yard with the intention of catching the thieves red-handed. Brown succeeded, and officers arrived on the scene to find Brown holding a man and 15-year-old teenager at gunpoint outside of his home, per the report. 

Brown, 53, won 211 games in his career. He also posted a 3.28 ERA and made six All-Star appearances. Before joining the Yankees in 2004, Brown played with the Texas Rangers, Baltimore Orioles, Florida Marlins, San Diego Padres, and Los Angeles Dodgers.

Brown is infamously known in New York as the pitcher who broke his left hand after punching a wall in the Yankees’ clubhouse in September 2004.

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