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Report: Yankees likely out on Zack Wheeler

Today we learned that the Yankees met with Gerrit Cole, and that they are planning to meet with Stephen Strasburg on Wednesday.

We also may may have just learned that they are out on Zack Wheeler.

Like him or hate, Martino has been fairly accurate when reporting on the Yankees. He had good reads on the markets for Bryce Harper and Manny Machado last year. and has maintained that the Yankees are much more interested in Cole.

Wheeler is an intriguing pitcher with a lot of upside, but it seems as if the Yankees are trying to save all of their money to sign Cole. Last year they quickly resigned CC Sabathia and Brett Garder with the idea that they wouldn’t be purchasing any $200 million toys.  This year, they haven’t brought anyone back yet and seem to be laser focused on the big prize.

The Yankees want to stay under the third luxury tax threshold, but they also want to add a frontline starter. If they are going to spend the money for Cole, they won’t be able to do much else in the free agent market.

They certainly won’t be able to sign Zack Wheeler.