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during game two of the National League Division Series at Busch Stadium on October 10, 2015 in St Louis, Missouri.

Starlin Castro a backup 3B option for the Yankees

Starlin Castro came up with the Chicago Cubs as a promising young shortstop in 2010. In 2015 Castro was struggling to fulfill his potential with the Cubs when they benched him and then moved him to second base.  On December 9, the Yankees acquired Castro to take over as the everyday second baseman, which the Yankees have been searching for since losing Robinson Cano.

Now, according to Chad Jennings, Castro could see some time backing up Chase Headley at third base. When speaking to Cashman, Jennings asked if the Yankees would sign a corner infielder and this was his response:

“We might do some non-roster invites, but we also think (Starlin) Castro can swing over (to third base) and plug a hole there.”

Castro is by no means a gold glove winner at third base, in fact he has never played third base in the major leagues but has some experience there in rookie ball.  Cashman also stated that Castro would back up shortstop for Didi Gregorius when speaking with Jennings.

Wait a minute, why would the Yankees need to use Castro at third base when they have Alex Rodriguez who could spell Headley?  Jennings asked that same question to Cashman and he stated:

“Alex is a DH.”

Cashman and the Yankees believe that Castro can handle hot corner with his experience playing shortstop and second base.  The Yankees also have Rob Refsnyder and Dustin Ackley but have no plans on playing either of them at third base.  Castro’s new skill will provide depth in case there is an injury on the left side of the infield, in which the Yankees would most likely call up Refsnyder, who batted .301 in 16 games, and move Castro over.

Stephen Drew filled the role last year and was dissappointing most of the season batting near or below the Mendoza Line.  Castro is averaging a .281 batting average, 11 homers and 66 RBI  in his six year career.  So whatever role Castro fills and most likely it will be second base, the Yankees will welcome it with open arms.