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Stephen Strasburg comes off the board

You can cross Stephen Strasburg’s name off the list of potential targets for the New York Yankees.

Jeff Passan of MLB Network has reported that Strasburg and the Nationals have agreed to a whopping seven-year, $245 million contract. The deal includes a full no-trade clause, no opt-outs or options.

Strasburg opted out of the remaining four-years and $100 million left on his contract following this season, which culminated in a World Series championship and an MVP Award. This new deal represents the richest contract in both pitching total and Annual Average Value ($35 million per year).

The Yankees met with Strasburg last week, although the feeling was that he would ultimately return to DC.

The Yankees reportedly had the exact same offer that Strasburg accepted on the table for Gerrit Cole. Now, one must wonder if Cole’s price tag skyrockets to at least $300 million. It also likely means that Anthony Rendon will leave Washington.