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If traded, Aroldis Chapman would love to rejoin Yankees

Rumors continue to swirl around the coveted arm of Aroldis Chapman, but if traded the overpowering lefty would love to rejoin the Yankees in the offseason.

“I’ve had an excellent time here; a really good time with the city, organization and the fans,” said Chapman through a translator via Mark Feinsand of the NY Daily News. “I don’t know what’s going to happen. If I am traded, I would love to come back and be part of the team again. I’m trying to focus here and get my job done.”

The fact he would be willing to come back in the offseason after he is traded this year could make a deal happen quickly at the deadline.

If this is the case, the term “rental” would be used to a tee for the team acquiring Chapman for the rest of the season.

However, for many teams, a rental is the last missing piece to make a strong push into the playoffs.

Such was the case when the Boston Red Sox traded away Jon Lester to the Oakland Athletics. The Red Sox were hoping Lester would rejoin the team in the offseason with a new deal, but he spurred them for the Chicago Cubs. The A’s needed a pitcher to fill the void, and Lester was their man. Trade rumors around Chapman seemingly have been evolving since the day he stepped foot in New York.

Chapman has pitched in Major League Baseball for seven years, one with the Yankees. He spent the first six with the Reds but has already grown fond of New York.

The more wins the Yankees pile up the in the next two weeks is critical in their decision to become buyers or sellers. New York is seven and a half games back in the division and five in the wild-card race.

The phone lines seem to be open in the Bronx and teams will continue to knock on the door about the Yankees closer.