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Vegas lines released for Major League Baseball

The Atlantis Reno Casino Resort has released projected win totals across Major League Baseball. 90 wins is the top mark held by the San Francisco Giants.

The Yankees’ line stands at an even 85 wins for the 2016 season. That puts the Bombers at third place for the year, a half game behind their arch rival Boston Red Sox and two games behind the reigning AL East champs, the Toronto Blue Jays.

The Atlanta Braves round out the bottom of the league this year, projected to win only 65 games.  Other notable teams: the Chicago Cubs come in at 89 wins, the New York Mets come in at 88 wins and the Kansas City Royals come in at 87 wins. If the projected wins come true the Yankees would be tied for the 6th overall spot in the AL and would miss the playoffs by only half a game.