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Watch: Aaron Judge puts a dent in Yankee Stadium

In Tuesday’s loss to the Blue Jays, Aaron Judge‘s league leading 28th homer was the lone run for the Yankees. Not only did it extend their streak of not being shutout this season, it also put a dent in Yankee Stadium

Leaving Judge’s bat at 118 miles per hour, the ball traveled 456 feet to left-center in 4.4 seconds and landed on the metal casement above a door. It was the fourth-hardest hit homer in the league this season. The top three hardest hit also belong to one Aaron Judge.

This isn’t the first time Judge has broken Yankee Stadium either. During batting practice back in May, he managed to send a ball beyond the bullpens and Monument Park and smashed a television hanging on the wall in the concourse. At this rate we’re going to have to dub Yankee Stadium, “The House That Judge Broke.”

“I’m still waiting for the bill from the other one,” he said after the Yankees’ loss Tuesday.

The 25-year-old All Star is one home run shy of tying the Yankees’ rookie record in a season, set by Joe DiMaggio back in 1939.

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