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Yankees reinstate Teixeira, DFA Ike Davis; Refsnyder stays

Mark Teixeira makes his return to the Bronx on Saturday from being on the disabled list since June 4 due to a partially torn cartilage in his right knee.  As we know, Teixeira opted for cortisone injections in the knee, instead of surgery, so that he could rehab and return to the Yankees in 2016.

Ike Davis – we hardly knew ya.  After going 3-14 with the Yankees, Davis was designated for assignment and will ultimately land with the Rail Riders if no team takes on the remainder of his $1.5M contract.  It’s probably the smart move for Davis who could benefit from more AB’s and wait for another call if an (inevitable) injury occurs.

But, what’s the biggest news from this move?  Rob Refsnyder stays!!! FINALLY, Refsnyder has proven to Girardi and the powers that be that he is indeed a valuable asset on the big club.  His competitive AB’s and proven versatility in the field gives Girardi a guy that can compete at multiple positions and provide lineup flexibility; the ultimate swiss army knife.

With Teixeira back in the lineup, the Yankees will look for him to improve on his (extremely) slow start, and keep an extra pair of eyes on how he is moving around on his rehabbed knee.  If Teixeira can regain any semblance of his 2015-self, the Yankees lineup will be a much more powerful and consistent threat.