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Yankees’ rookies get lost taking New York City Transit

If you were born in New York City or lived in the concrete jungle for a lengthy amount of time, navigating the New York City Transit system comes as second nature. But when you’re a Yankee rookie attempting to take the subway for the first time, you end up lost.

Very, very lost.

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Tyler Wade

Tyler Wade decided to take the train for the first time when he was called up in July. Wade, who was staying at a hotel in midtown, downloaded the official transit app and made his way to Columbus Circle. But once he got into the Columbus Circle train station, his phone lost service and he didn’t know how to read the subway map. He eventually figured out he had to take the D train, but he got off on the wrong stop.

Wade exited the train station at 155th street, but when he didn’t see Yankee Stadium, he decided to ask two police officers for directions.

One of the officers answered, “Dude, you’re in Manhattan.”

Jordan Montgomery

Jordan Montgomery rides the subway to Yankee Stadium every single day, but when he first arrived on the scene, he learned not every number train goes to 161st street.

During Montgomery’s first excursion to the Bronx, he hopped on the 5 train. The problem was he was supposed to take the 4 train. When Montgomery didn’t see Yankee Stadium, he realized he took the wrong train.

“I was walking around and was like, ‘What’s going on?'” Montgomery said to Andrew Marchand of ESPN. “I didn’t realize how far away I was, so I was walking around a little bit and then I got a taxi. I really had to lock in after that.”

Caleb Smith

When Caleb Smith was initially called up to be the Yankees’ fifth starter, he decided to take the train to the stadium. Smith waited for the train for 30 minutes, but he wasn’t sure if he was on the correct track. He decided to ask someone if he was waiting on the right platform, only for them to tell him he was supposed to go to the opposite platform.

Smith went to the opposite track, but after waiting for the train, he asked someone else if he was going in the right direction. He was once again told he was on the wrong platform, and he had to go to the opposite side. Smith crossed over four times before he gave up and called an Uber.

Ah, yes, navigating the New York City Transit system is an art in itself, and at times it can be challenging. But it is rewarding when you finally master it.

If it makes Smith, Wade, and Montgomery feel better, they aren’t the first to get lost taking public transit, and they certainly won’t be the last.

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