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Yankees take ‘The Toe-night Show’ to a whole new level

Towards the end of the regular season Ronald Torreyes and Didi Gregorius came up with the idea for ‘The Toe-night Show’. The concept was simple; they’d interview teammates who hit a home run that either tied the game or gave the Yankees the lead.

What started as a fun little act turned into a phenomenon. Gregorius constructed a fake camera for Torreyes to hold during ‘interviews’, and during the final regular season series against the Blue Jays, Gregorius borrowed a YES Network microphone.

Gregorius and Torreyes continued their act during the American League Wild Card game against the Minnesota Twins, when they interviewed Brett Gardner and Aaron Judge following their respective home runs.

But with the YES Network no longer televising postseason games, Gregorius and Torreyes needed a backup plan if they were going to have a microphone in the dugout. So, they decided to make their own, and it was on full display while they interviewed Gardner and Judge.

‘The Toe-night Show’ is the latest craze going around the Yankees clubhouse. A few weeks ago, Todd Frazier gave the thumbs-down sign a positive meaning after a New York Mets fan branded Frazier with the gesture following a home run. Since then, there have been T-Shirts with the hand gesture and teammates participate in giving the thumbs-down sign after successfully reaching base.

These aren’t your grandpa’s Yankees, and they aren’t your dad’s Yankees. They’re fun, they’re loose, and they never fail to come up with ways to keep things fresh in the dugout. Hopefully the ‘thumbs-down’ sign and ‘The Toe-night Show’ can keep going for the rest of October, as the Yankees continue their ‘Chase for 28’.

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