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Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

Examining The Impact: The Biogenesis Investigation

Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

Major League Baseball has taken the next step in it’s war on steroids.

After suspending Detroit Tigers minor leaguer Cesar Carrillo 100 games on Friday due to his connection to Biogenesis and Anthony Bosch, it is being reported that all players who were on the documents recovered by the Miami New Times are squarely in Bud Selig’s crosshairs. For the Yankees, this means at least two players, and quite possibly more.

In terms of current Yankees, we were already aware that Francisco Cervelli and Alex Rodriguez were on “the list.” However, there were also three former Yankees whose names were connected to Bosch: Melky Cabrera, Jesus Montero, and Bartolo Colon. With five connections to Biogenesis, it stands to reason that more players within the organization could have also been involved in the clinic.

That, however, is pure speculation. For now, let’s focus on the impact that would hit the Yankees if Rodriguez and Cervelli were hit with suspensions for their involvement.

Francisco Cervelli: After a strong spring, losing Francisco Cervelli would be extremely difficult for an injury-depleted Yankees team. Cervelli has proven himself as an above-average defensive catcher, and seems likely to see the majority of playing time behind the plate this year. Paired with Cervelli on the major league roster is Chris Stewart, who has never caught more than 67 major league games in a season. With minimal depth in the minor leagues, the loss of Cervelli could be a more devastating blow to the Yankees season than initially perceived.

Alex Rodriguez: The general belief is that Alex Rodriguez would be able to serve his suspension while on the 60-day disabled list. If this is indeed the case, Rodriguez’s return should not be impacted. However, if Rodriguez does get hit with a suspension, his return to New York, even when healthy, could be in question. Fans have grown weary of Rodriguez’s diminishing skills, large contract, and growing distractions. If there were a way out of the deal should Rodriguez get suspended, it stands to reason that Yankees ownership would find it.

At this point, losing Cervelli would likely hurt the Yankees much more than losing Rodriguez. Though it may not have been the case in past years, Cervelli has more value in both the short and long term than Rodriguez. Now there’s something I bet Yankee fans never thought they would say.